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Transit-Community Center Project
601 W. Franklin St.
Shelton, WA  98584

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Mobility is an essential human need, no more or less vital to our existence than clean and safe air, water and food, as well as public safety and security.  As such, mobility is a quality of life issue, and for those unable to provide their own mobility due to health, age, economic or other conditions, public transit can bridge the gap.  Likewise, to ensure the well-being and future of our society, we have chosen to provide social programs to assist our community citizens in need.  Often, those requiring  human services rely on transit to get them there.  This project efficiently and effectively integrates the delivery of transit and community services through transforming the 1950’s-era Washington National Guard Armory building in Shelton into a regional multi-modal, inter-generational transit-community resource center.


The Transit-Community Center (T-CC) vision began in 2006 with the surplus purchase from the 57 year-old National Guard of the old Armory in Shelton.  In 2008, the State provided a $235,000 Community  Project appropriation for an engineering/design study that determined the structure to be an excellent candidate for preservation and renovation.   In the fall of 2011, Mason Transit Authority was awarded a $3.28 million Federal Transportation Administration (FTA) grant to complete the project.  Then in 2013, MTA was successful in a legislative ask and awarded $800,000 for the project and in 2014 recieved a $1.5 million grant through the "Ladders to Opportunity" initiative from the FTA. This final funding allows MTA to complete the building.

The facility has been repurposed into a Transit-Community Center that moves mobility management to the next level through co-locating and seamlessly integrating public transit and human/social service programs.  The Center provides a variety of transit services including a waiting area, public restrooms, regional transportation information, lost and found, bus pass sales and other customer services, as well as hosting community agencies, programs and services that benefit all ages within the community. 

The center also provides citizens with information about the advantages of using transit to reduce pollution and  enhance the environment. This transit-oriented development is part of a plan to improve livability in this region. Tenant lease revenue from public human service agencies, private sector participants, and event rentals at the facility will be used to cover operating and maintenance expenses.


The Transit-Community Center provided employment opportunities for the duration of the construction phase and left a valuable asset to the citizens of Mason County.  This project enhances local efforts to coordinate community transportation resources and reduce duplicative trips through consolidating destinations to a variety of social programs.  The
T-CC will support more of these resources as well as micro-businesses and job training in addition to contributing to economic development and tourism opportunities in the region. 

The renovated facility will:

  • Create a link between multi-modal transportation (bus, cycling, and walking)

  • Provide a centralized location where people of all ages can come to meet, receive    services, recreate, learn and socialize, making their connections through public transit, housing activities that include:

    • Community and Transit information

    • Technology training

    • Public gatherings, classes and meetings

    • Youth and senior programs

    • Indoor athletics and other active programs

    • Social and human services agency offices

    • Private business enterprise

    • Disaster relief shelter

T-CC Group Activities